Patrick Fletcher: Writing Portfolio

The following writing samples are representative of my work throughout my career. The links below are to locally saved versions of the documents. I have provided links to the original location of the documents if they are still live.

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Architecture Overview for Helion Stacakto

Company: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Technologies: Cloud Computing
Original Location

This architectural topic describes the interaction between the service and infrastructure components of Helion Stackato, an open-source implementation of Cloud Foundry. Helion Stackato is used to deploy and manage applications and services in IaaS cloud environments (AWS, vSphere, or OpenStack).

Introduction to SignalR

Company: Microsoft
Technologies: ASP.NET, JavaScript
Original Location

This overview topic describes SignalR, a messaging technology that makes it easy to implement the WebSocket messaging protocol in an application. SignalR exposes WebSocket in an intuitive, object-oriented way, and will use downlevel protocols (such as Ajax Long Polling) if WebSocket is not available.

Windows Workflow Foundation Persistence Host (Code Sample)

Company: Microsoft
Technologies: Messaging, Workflow, Windows Forms
Original Location

This code sample demonstrates how to run a host application for Windows Workflow Foundation that can persist between function calls.

WildTangent WebDriver Best Practices (as Patrick Bunt)

Company: WildTangent
Technologies: Java, JavaScript, 3D Gaming
Original Location (Mirror)

This extensive series of documents describes how to make a 3d game application efficient, performant, and stable.